One response to “September greetings from Shankar”

  1. Vishwa Nath

    Don’t read your all’s newsletter as much as i might. Time is so constrained. Something told me to open this message and … i like your piece a good deal, Shankar. Also read the piece on the Open House. Good Work! True Karma Yoga may not get us a lot of medals / promotions in rank, or any of the rest of that stuff. But if we keep our heads low; keep pointed (And moving) in a positive direction; keep prayin’ (Like heck.); doin’ regular sadhana, and KEEP LAUGHIN’; i have a funny suspicion, that some of the dispassion / equanimity / peace, we’re lookin’ for … may one day begin t’nudge us on the shoulders. Just a suspicion, now. 🙂 om Vishwa Nath

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