One response to “Letting the Body Speak”

  1. Gordon Handford

    First, thank you so much for the weekend retreat I participated in, in maybe April. What a wonderful platform from which to launch! I have lived a life of self limiting, of turning away from the impulses to good and self care that bubble up. One of those was the sense, decades old, that I should start the day with me, with stretching, meditation, exercise. After my weekend, I stopped resisting. I have made morning yoga (more a free form melange of stretching, posturesm meditation, relaxation, exercise) part of my life. Many mornings I actually do as I know is best: turn off the radio, ignore the computer, open the door to the freshness of morning, totally engage whoever and wherever I am. And I have evolved into “letting the body speak” on the toughest mornings, following whatever comes up with faith that my body, heart, mind will find the whisps of presence, and gently trace them, patiently forgiving if they separate, pesistently faithful. And in the process wonderful discoveries including courage and transcendence. Thank you all for the nudge.

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