12 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Sharada Filkow”

  1. Jan Mangan

    This is a great story..My 3 year old Grandson loves the photo of Babaji from 1977, which is the year that his Mum was held by Babaji in Santa Cruz when she was 7 weeks old.
    The photo I took is still by our bedside.
    My Grandson & I both love going to PCC to see Babaji, as his face still glows with delight & love when he sees the kids.
    Thanks for sharing your memories & how you met all those many years ago.
    Blessings from Jan in Santa Cruz.

  2. Dawn Woodruff Thrasher

    Dear Sharada,
    So lovely to read your history at the centre and how you met Babaji…I have such fond memories of the centre and my time there. You were all so kind and I looked forward to being there for all those women’s weekends, the feng shui and decorating and spending quality time on the land.
    Thanks for being you and for all you have done to make the centre such a beautiful and welcoming home for so many who have passed through and those who continue to do the much needed work for raising consiousness and finding their inner peace…
    much love to everyone,
    blessings, and be well
    PS I am still doing decorating work but also am VP of NewReality Canada also supporting people with meditation with our amazing TGI device Transformational Guided Imagery for those who have a hard time quieting their minds..have a look at our site when you have a moment

  3. willow

    Sharada – You are an incredible blessing to humanity and the Centre!
    Thanks for being you, XO W

  4. Shraddha

    Dear sharada, Thanks for sharing tour gréât store. It brought backgammon a lot of me pries. Love, shraddha

  5. Shraddha

    Sorry. About the previous post due to the French spell check! I was trying to say thanks for a great story and good memories!

  6. Anna Zach

    Hello Sharada!
    It was a pleasure to read your memoirs and to see the old pictures! A.D.!!! I enjoyed it a lot. I came for the first time to Saltspring Centre ni 1984. Katherine was 7 at that time. Now she is 34. I did not realize then that the Centre did not existed already for ages! Whenever I visit at the Centre I always feel like comming home. Spent so many retreats there.By the way on the recent picture you look amazing. Great!
    Lots of love Anna

  7. Rajesh Kreisler

    What a wonderful story…and to have known you all of this time. You are an inspiration and I love you!

  8. MadhuSri Barber

    Hey, Beautiful!
    Your story brought back memories of child care in Oyama, AD, the old khirtans with hundreds of people, stick dancing, trying to get people to use the neti pot and swallow fabric, canoe races on the lake…..good times. What a gift to have shared all the years together..
    Love you so much,
    Madhu Sri

  9. Rajani Rock

    My dear sister Sharada…..what a blessing you are!!!! thanks for sharing your stories and the so many years together……I may not have the presence I once did at the centre, however I am grateful for Babaji, for the centre and for all the people like you in my life….


  10. Rashmi Cole

    Thank you for sharing Sarada, the stories never get old. And thank you for being you, holding down the fort, continuing the teachings.


  11. lucie palmer

    I love your hippy pictures sharada! 🙂 amazing story, amazing person, thank you xxx

  12. karen Pinchin

    You, the Center, Usha, and more…Dan, Sid… enriched our lives. Dylan started school when the school was in the piano room…..almost 30 years ago with a dozen students. Chris soon followed at the Center..still in the house. He was a challenge that only Usha could handle…thank-you!! When he went to public school and told the teacher the difference between’art’ and ‘crafts’ … ‘literature’ and ‘stories’.. that did not go over to well !!
    We also were part of the New School building. I remember how involved the children were in the planning.

    ……so many memories.
    I am proud to say my sons benefited immensely from going to the Center School ….thank you Usha…. karen pinchin

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