13 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Janaki Polden”

  1. Clare

    I love these bios! I learn so much about the history of the Centre and the dedicated people who got it all going. Very interesting and inspiring!

  2. Clare

    PS: Love the photo of Babaji in the blackberry brambles!

  3. wild and free with om! swaroop !

    very bless to have youall as family on saltspring

  4. kathryn kusyszyn

    Thank you for sharing Janaki.
    Thank you also for all of your foundational work- Raghunath’s as well. I really enjoyed reading your history. Hope you are well. Sending love and light.

  5. girija

    I am thrilled to see this centrefold of Janaki . Great and inspiring words from a most deserving , dedicated , loving, gorgeous , intelligent, strength of Gibraltar, woman, Janaki .

    Janaki you are a most amazing person. I love you and thank you for your love and support you have given me, my family , the spiritual community, the community at large No small feat.
    Over the 38 years I have known you, you have never wavered from giving that love and strength to all those around you. Thank you so much .
    Om Shantih Om

  6. Rajani

    Janaki, you are such a gift to us, to your family and to Salt Spring’s community. I am grateful to know you and to have shared so many of these years together at the Centre. I honour you as an individual, a woman, a daughter, a mother and a dear friend.

    Blessings upon you dear one. Yes you are the strength of Gibraltar in your loving, compassionate silence.

    Om Tat Sat


  7. savita leah young

    and now you are a beloved grandmother of a new generation conscious soul. congratulations and thank you for being you, a wonderful model for us fledgling yoginis.
    jai sri mata,
    love and light,

  8. Anna Zach

    Thanks for sharing. It feels good to keep in touch like this and to see you all like those 25-27 years ago!Lots of love Anna

  9. Suchitra

    Thank you Janaki,
    So lovely to read this whilst sitting in my room in Mysore India, I am filled with gratitude for the spiritual exploration your generation opened up for people such as myself.
    You and so many at SSC are my mentors and I am deeply blessed to get to share in Babaji’s light thru you all.

  10. Bhavani

    Dearest Janaki,
    I loved reading your lovely piece about your life, and early life in the Satsang. It brought back so many memories: Spruce Street! That house contained one of my earliest and most beloved memories of Babaji.

    I have loved being your satsang sister, as we have shared all the joys and challenges of this life through the years. It has been a privilege to continue teaching with you as I make my annual sojourn to our “little sister satsang”.

    The joys continue to outweigh the challenges, and the challenges teach us lessons we might not learn any other way – isn’t it?

    For me, you have always been a beacon of calm strength and dedication through it all. Your steadfast devotion to our beloved guru and the teachings has been a real inspiration to me, truly. Wishing you every happiness, much love, and many blessings.


  11. Kanu

    wow great to read about your story Janaki……so amazing how our life’s direction leads us to where we are now……such a blessing and some good practice reminders too…

    Thanks….much love and light


  12. Madhav

    Wow!! Amazing memories coming from these photos!!
    Thanks Janaki for your story. Warms the heart. So nice to have known you for all this time.


  13. Pamela Kyssa

    Janaki! Beautiful woman, I am so very happy to see you in the photos…such good memories I have of meeting you and Raganath! You have stayed with me all these years, I send love to both of you, big hugs from Pamela / Padma from many, many years ago….. (Robert Cordrey)

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