10 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Kishori Hutchings”

  1. Valerie Taylor

    Dear Kishori;
    I really enjoyed reading your story; and I hope you’ll continue to love life and devotion for a long time to come. Here’s a little ode to Gratitude I have for how the important things are arranged-
    hope you have a lovely summertime!

    free will, goodwill
    free will, good
    goodwill, free
    free goodwill,
    good will free

    Valerie T.

  2. Kirti

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story Kishori! Xox Kirti

  3. Purna


  4. Anaya Carrier

    Kishori – I just loved reading your story!
    Thank you so much for sharing it and I found it very inspiring.
    Om Shanti –

  5. Kody

    Yes, thanks a lot for sharing. So nice to hear people’s story’s about life with Babaji and the center. What a good idea.
    P.s sorry about the Canucks ,LA was a hard go.

    Kody d

  6. Dawna

    Hi kishori,
    I have known you over the years in different capacities, but never knew this rich background. I liked your perception of SB and then look what happened! It’s lovely. I will be home from the south for summer. I’ll be over for satsang.
    Love abounds,

  7. Kathryn

    Jai Gurudev! Thanks for sharing. It touches my heart every time I read about all the devotion and love poured into SSCY. What a blessing to know you and be part of that love.

  8. Cameron Coutts

    What an inspiration you are Kishori & a lovely story of the past & present you tell! I trust SN has brought himself a new belt for his pants?

  9. Rajani Rock

    Hey Kishori, what a great story….I love seeing the pictures of the before times, when we were all so young!!! and I certainly can attest to the amount of housecleaning and flower arranging you have done all these years at the Centre!!! Ohhhhhh the lessons of life !!! Blessings…and thank you…

  10. Anna Zach

    Hey Kishori! I love reading all the stories. I’ll always remember you as an enthusiastic singer. Your hands either on the harmonium or on the vacuum cleaner!
    Be well!Lots of love Anna

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