7 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Usha”

  1. Kishori

    Hi Usha – I’m ever grateful for what you gave Mallika all those years ago. She’s such a wonderful woman now and I know you had a hand in that. Thank you – Kishori

  2. savita leah young

    Dearest Usha,

    My children (and myself!) have been deeply touched by you and your school; shaped and altered, set free to be who we truly are by way of your modelling that to us all. In deep, deep gratitude, sweet one, I thank you for being you.

    love and light,

  3. Rajesh Kreisler

    Usha, your contributions are immeasurable. Jai Sita Ram!

  4. Bhavani

    Dearest Usha,
    You have always been, and continue to be, a magical creature, sharing her many gifts with all the rest of us. I treasure the summers we spent together, sharing – among many things – the blessing of being changed in great ways by being with children. Thank you for the warm hospitality of your home, your stories, and your heart.
    Much love,

  5. Anna Zach

    I love being in touch with all of you this way! Thank you!Anna

  6. Vicky (Stone)Terry

    Dearest Usha (Frances),

    It is over 10 years since I spent those very special few days with you. I still vividly remember almost everything and have applied much in the following years especially the focus on the virtues, 100 days. I hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for sharing the above as it filled in some gaps we never got to talking about. I am having a breather from making a quilt from pieces of material that my mum had cut out and that I have added to. Shades of your journey to Vancouver.

    Go well, fondest love, Vicky

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