6 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Girija”

  1. Bhavani

    I love reading your fascinating story, of which I have been a part – for all these 38 years! You have always been a bright point of light in my life – through your teaching, your guidance, your elegant style, your shining example of living a service-full life, yet most of all, your loving presence. I am honored that we have been, and continue to be, Satsang sisters.

    Much love and many blessings,
    from mount madonna

  2. Paramseshwari

    Thanx Girija for sharing the whole story. I too have been a part of this story with you for 35 years and have felt the same way about having the opportunity to spend time and learn from such an honest pure Guru. Babaji has been an integral force in helping us to create such a strong standing community for so long. Our Satsangs, BC, Toronto and California have been a family for myself and so many people. You have been a sister to many us, for that I am grateful. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Abrazos y Besos


    Miami/ Santa Cruz

  3. rainbow ramadevi

    Girija you are such a shining light in these Kali Yuga times!! From the moment I met you at my first retreat in 1981, you have inspired me with your modern day yogi ways. I remember how you would always be in a good mood no matter what else was going on, and how even with small children you were up doing your sadhana in the pre-dawn. When I had a hard time waking up so early you told me just to dump a bucket of cold water over my head at 3 ;30 am and that would work!! Well it did and I have been an early riser ever since!!
    Your love and dedication to Babaji is so beautiful to witness, you have taken his teachings to heart and spread them around and embodied them with the love of your own heart.
    And I love how you are glowing older instead of growing older!! Thank you for sharing such joy, love and laughter over all these years.
    your forever sister in the heart,
    love you eternally,

  4. rose

    hello girija – i knew i knew you when i saw your photo – we met at the potlache for eva’s father, and then bumped into each other in a public washroom some years ago – i so enjoyed reading your story and re-connecting again – you are a light of love : )

    peace and joy, rose

  5. Rajani

    Ahhh yes sweet sister Girija….We too have been connected for some 30 years now…you are definitely a bright light and a woman of so many amazing tales and talents.
    I have such fond memories of you, your family, your children and our journeys together….We are so blessed to have Babaji in our lives, his teachings, his wisdom and his playfulness.
    You, my friend are a rare gift, one that I cherish deeply.


    Rajani …. still on Salt Spring Island.

  6. Mothe (Mo-tay) Gyaneshwar

    you know it would have been a lot easier if you just mentionned the things you HAVEN’T done! I couldn’t believe you were/are a backcountry skier. I’ve done a few backcountry ski trips to Rogers Pass area; Balu Pass, Bostock Creek, up the IIlecelewat Glacier, staying at the Wheeler Hut etc., great area…as long as you stay on top of the avalanches. It’s obvious that all the Ashtanga Yoga you’ve done over the years has had a real powerful effect on you, I couldn’t believe you bent that thick solid iron bar into a horseshoe shape bolt in that marine engineer photo, and kept smiling the whole time. It was great running into recently at Kits pool, and talking about web page/site building etc. Hope to see you at retreat

    Mothé Gyaneshwar

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