One response to “Many Faiths, One Truth”

  1. Eamonn Riel David Glavin

    something like the universe, can not be understood, fully, by any man or avatar. God, cosmos, the source of darkness, and everything that is perfection that Is not. What can It be that everything is as. One can only see what one is. like one can only resonate with music who’s mind can sing within itself. we all have our own self, and our own truth. i can not see the whole universe, i can only see what i am. and i am what is what the universe is made of. i can think the same thought of a butterfly. like i can see the same thought of a mammoth. I see the darkness of my eyelids, as the same darkness past the light of all stars above. How can any man have complete understanding of what Is? just like a butterfly, it can see its self, which is enough. so your brain, and my brain, can be what is. everything that exists is perfect, only because it is. all of existence is perfect, because if it was not it could not be. the only thing that a religion can be at fault at, is the inability to accept what is outside its own existence.

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