9 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Mahesh and Abha (Roy and Raye)”

  1. Emily

    As always, the founding member feature is my favorite part of the monthly newsletter. This one is full of devotion and love; it shines as an example of selfless service both in a marriage and in everyday life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Joelle

    What a sweet glimpse into the early days of the S.S.C. especially for the younger generations who were not a part of it. I love that picture of you and Babaji, and all the pictures of your wife who I never got to meet. Thanks for sharing Mahesh

  3. Kishori and Sri Nivas

    Such good friends for so many years — we too miss Abha so much.
    much love to you Mahesh.
    Kishori and SN

  4. Roricsanath

    The photo of the stuck Bobcat and the expression in those faces: Priceless!
    Thanks for helping bring the Center to life Mahesh. An inspiration to us young guns! Special Thanks too for the consistently good vibes and all the yummy apples’ ~ Peace ~

  5. Rajesh Kreisler

    That is a beautiful story. I miss Abha as well. She was beautiful in the garden.Thanks for that, Mahesh

  6. Shyam

    Simply beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes.

    S. 3’~

  7. Alarra and Peter

    Mahesh, we love your wedding photo..a classic..and your story about your lives together..
    Abha was and is still a shining star, filled with love, beauty, compassion and grace… her smiling face and lovely countenance always welcoming….we think of her often and especially when we see the garden at the Centre…thank you for sharing your heart.. xo Alarra and Peter

  8. Peter (Ashok)

    The pictures and story you’ve shared (and more of it you must have) is touching… I loved reading you story of the early days of the SSC and DS.
    A family was born and grows from devotion at the centre.
    Each smile I see when there, reassures me that the centre grew out of love.


  9. Mallika

    For those that don’t know, daughter of Kishori and SN here. Although I have known Mahesh and Abha all of my life (until Abha’s passing), I did not know much of what is written here. I too miss Abha, she was so full of humor and positive thought.

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