3 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Chandra”

  1. Peter Baragon (Ashok)

    Hello Chandra,
    Thank you…
    Your story was so touching. Your journey with Dharma Sara satsang society and Babaji sounds enriching and your travels life changing. Indeed !
    Your story of the early years with the dharma sara satsang society and community in Vancouver and SSCY reminds me of others that have been at the start of the spiritual path and working on the yoga path. God bless!
    Peter (Ashok)

  2. Bhavani

    What a beautiful memoir of your life and path in Dharma Sara. It only reflects the loveliness of its author. I was also present at your wedding at the first retreat of Dharma Sara’s in White Rock, and I remember being in that attic room at Spruce Street! I stayed in the basement :). We all look so young in those photos – we really were not much more than children, and we’ve all grown up together. It has been a wonderful journey for us all, and you express that so lovingly.

    It has been a joy for me to be a fellow traveler with you on that journey. Teaching together at Salt Spring Centre; spending time in satsang with Babaji , there – on the mound, or in the Satsang room – and at Mount Madonna; conversations in the Yurt; getting to know your children as they bloomed into the marvelous adults they have become; memories of Al helping to guide all the music at Yoga retreats; meditating together: these are only a few of the gifts I can recall in having been your friend and sister.

    Much love and gratitude to you, Chandra-didi. You truly are the embodiment of that word; to me, to Dharma Sara, to Salt Spring Centre as well as Mount Madonna – and perhaps most of all, in the ties that hold us all as disciples of a Master beyond description.

    Much love and many blessings,

  3. Chandra

    Dear Bhavani, Your response to the profile is so very lovely. I had another look at the fire ceremony photo and I believe that it is beautiful you in the upper left corner. We are so blessed to be friends and sisters on the journey.
    My deep pranams to you! Love, Chandra

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