4 responses to “How to Live from The Yellow Book, the sayings of Baba Hari Dass”

  1. Salila

    Thankyou, thankyou, for clearing that up. I didn’t understand why affection was one of the chains-very helpful.

  2. Pieter Voogt

    Affection in the philosophical sense has to be read as ”the state of being affected.” Compare ”touched” or ”moved”.
    One dictionary gives this definition: ”deeply moved or hurt emotionally
    Synonyms: afflicted, changed, excited, influenced
    Antonyms: calm, unmoved, unperturbed, unswayed, untroubled”

  3. Sudha

    Great article Mind it I post it on FB of Babaji lovers? Om, Sudha

    1. Office Manager

      Feel free to share, thank you! Blessings!

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