13 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Rajani Rock”

  1. Kathryn Kusyszyn

    Thank you for sharing, caring and all your hard work into creating SSCY. What an inspiration!

  2. Hank Meldrum / Tri Loki Nath

    Good to see you again Rajani. I hope you are well and thriving.

  3. tisha boulter

    Amazing Rajani!
    I feel in awe of your story and it just deepens my love and admiration for you.

  4. Rashmi

    Love you, Rajani

  5. Dawn Woodruff Thrasher

    Dear Rajani, I always enjoy getting the newsletters from the centre and it reminds me of the wonderful times I had there over several years.

    Assisting with those wonderful Women’s Weekends and upgrading the centre with decorating and Feng Shui. It was a busy fulfilling time and I did not get to know each person as I would have liked to so when the newsletter profiles a centre member it is a good thing…thank you so much for sharing your lifes experience, you are such a gift to the land and the centre….and give my best to those who remember me….

    I still do Feng Shui but have been staging for manyRealtors on the Penisula the past 6 years. I also work with an innovative company that has a device called the KEY that delivers Trnasformational Guided Imagery with many programs that assist people with health issues like cancer etc…
    All the best and be well, blessings Dawn

  6. Jeramiah Morris (Rajesh)

    I loved reading about your story Rajani! So much I didn’t know.
    See you soon.

  7. dawna masters

    sister Rajani, you rock!
    i am in admiration of your courage and bravery to lead a rich and ever seeking life, staying on a path of service, curiosity and love.
    thank you for an inside of your life,
    You are a gift not only sat SSC but to our community.
    shine on
    love and blessings
    dawna masters

  8. Kirti White

    Thank you for sharing your story Rajani! Beautiful! xox

  9. Kasandra Jewall

    Thank you for sharing , a beautiful & Inspiring story ~

  10. raven

    wow. i’m amazed. it’s such a delight to hear your story… thanks so much for letting us know you a little.

  11. Chantale

    Your story is a blessed one indeed, yet we are the ones blessed to be so close to you.
    Azalia is asking why you got married so many times?!!!
    blessings sister,

  12. Anna Zach

    Hi Rajani! I love your life!After so many retreats since 1984 and so much time spent around you I didn’t know anything about you! I love reading all the stories about you people, my friends! Whenever I came to the Center i felt like comming home. I live in Kaslo,BC now, alone. I am 81 and recovering from the October 2012 stroke. Love to all of you who still remember me. Looking forward to the next story! Love you! Anna

  13. Rajesh Kreisler

    That was a great read. I learned things I didn’t know. Life is amazing! Nice pics!

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