3 responses to “Meet our YTT Grads: Laura Harris”

  1. Rosie Mae

    Laura, I was searching the internet for possible courses and trainings in this exact field of wellness and yoga, and came across this review! I thought it would be interesting to read your diary entries about your time on Salt Spring Island,and indeed it was.

    Being young and curious I’ve perused yoga and wellness wherever I can find it, in search of my center and in search of my life calling. I feel as though the field of helping others achieve wellness and happiness is my calling, but am so distraught as to how to throw myself into something of this kind. Do you have any recommendations for a path to take as a want-to-be health practitioner and yoga instructor? The trouble for me is always taking the first step in things, as I fear failure at times when I should welcome new experiences and look towards the good in all things. Really, I am more interested in how you got to be the health and wellness professional that you are today.

    Let me know if you get a moment to comment 🙂


    Rosie Mae

  2. Ashok

    Thank you for sharing your journey and personal story from your YTT experience. I remember through your story some of my experiences in 2002.
    I remember learning how to pronounce “savasana” the “awww….nawwww…” 🙂
    Good time!! Good memories

    Shanti, Om!

  3. Sarah Archana Crawford Russell

    Great to read. Thanks Laura! Hope you’re well.
    om peace

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