7 responses to “Founding Member Feature: Mamata Kreisler”

  1. Dayadhar

    How nice to read about this life, and the return to yoga! Thanks for a fun and inspiring article. We are all blessed by Babaji’s presence which does not fade away, whether he is in or out of the body. What a great family we all are!

  2. Rajani Rock

    So lovely to read about your memories and pieces of life at the centre. I know how hard it is to concentrate all those years down to an article…so many precious moments of laughter, love and lessons..Your life was truly rich and filled with love and caring of such an extended family.

    I enjoyed the pictures ( we know there are hundreds) and it’s so great to be reminded again of these events.

    We are so blessed to have Babaji in our lives, to guide and direct us in ways we truly do not even fully understand.

    Thank you Mamata for sharing such a great piece of your life….

    I love you BIG…..xoxo

  3. Mark Classen

    Your story reminds us that the Centre was also a living community and a complete life for some people. We go on to busy city incarnations and sometimes the seeds of our past sprout in surprising ways! It was interesting to hear what a profound effect the accident had on your life. I didn’t fully understand that. Be well!

  4. Gail

    You make me remember so much of what I love about the Centre and the SSC school, and what it is to be contented in a life full of change. Your writing is very compelling – I was pulled into your story all the way. Thank you for sharing your innocence, the happiness, some challenges, and the beauty of your growing up years. Namaste, G

  5. Jaya

    Mamata, I loved reading your article! I feel like I learned so much about you. Having the Centre as part of our childhood was a very unique and special thing to have… and I remember too going out into the “real world” for the first time (in my case university out east) and realizing how different that was from what other people had experienced and being so grateful for it.

    Your writing is compelling and I hear in your voice the wisdom and reflection of your yoga practice. It sounds like you’re right where you should be. 😉 Thank you for inspiring me!

  6. Mischa Pavan


    It was wonderful to read your article! 🙂

    I can tell you had such a great time growing up at the centre. I can only call it “the land” or “the centre,” lol! Your stories also brought back many happy memories for me. The Hanuman Olympics was my highlight of the retreat for many years! 🙂 So much fun it was, it felt like it would not end lol. It is awesome to hear you are enjoying yoga and that it is part of your life.


  7. uncle steve

    What a lovely lady I look forward to meeting her, I can’t beleive how much Biggie and Kris look alike, I guess pets can look like their owners.

    Extremely happy for you

    U. Steve

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