2 responses to “Asana of the month: Gomukhasana for the rest of us”

  1. Becky Siamon

    Thank you Kenzie for being on this website – very helpful and inspiring,
    Becky Siamon

  2. jewel Spooner

    NAMASTE KENZIE and THANK YOU for your reminder that cow pose is perfect for MOTHERS DAY.
    I concur this is my least favorite asana. Also when I teach it I explain in India the COW is SACRED as it is a authentic symbol of motherhood. Mothers are sacred as they keep CREATION alive. I often use Swami Radhas’ book HATHA YOGA the Hidden language. When in the pose I ask contemplative questions such as ask yourself ‘How do I take in and ‘digest’ information How do I learn:” or The cow NOURISHES, ‘What nourishment do I seek?”or “What nourishes me physically/spiritually”?
    Really enjoyed your input.
    Much Love Jewel

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