17 responses to “Our Satsang Family: Jeramiah Rajesh Morris”

  1. OmPK

    Depending on how you define a family, it was actually Sumitra, Sky and Pitambar who were the first to live at the Centre in winter 1981.

    1. Jeramiah Morris (Rajesh)

      Good to know, OmPK! Since I was so young at the time, I dont remember such details so I went with what I was told by others in the satsang family based on how they remember it.

  2. Jenna Hills

    What a beautiful, touching story. Thank you Jeramiah for allowing us to peek into your world. Although I’ve known you for over 10 years, I see even deeper into what has shaped you into the gentle, intuitive and hilarious man you are today.

  3. Managua Kreisler

    It is so much fun hearing stories from the old days when living a s”imple life” in the bushes was the only way we knew to live and never seemed to simple to any of us. Thanks for sharing your story and making me even more aware an greatful for our childhoods and the way we were raised.
    I would 100% agree that coming back to the centre is always joined by an energy that babaji has exuded all over that piece of property.
    Hoping to make some of the retreat again this year so will see you there 🙂

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Wonderful to hear a note from you! I’ll be at the retreat, hope to see you there!
      Om 🙂

  4. Rajani Rock

    Oh Jeremiah, what a beautiful story….thank you for sharing so deeply….I remember you as a young one at the centre, because I arrived in ’83 and you and your mom were already living there…such a beautiful extended family we have for sure….so much fun and laughter we had in those days…
    It’s always so great to see your and Michael’s smiling faces whether at the centre or in a shop somewhere in town…Blessings upon us all…:) 🙂

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Love you Rajani!! xoxo

  5. Rajesh Kreisler

    Thanks for your story, Rajesh. The Rajesh/Mamata connection will always unite us! Peace!

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Rajeshes Unite!
      Hope to see more of you, Raj.

  6. Daya Moss

    Jeremiah, I remember when you and your mom lived in a little trailer by what is now, I guess, around where the yurt is? I loved going an visiting the two of you and having chats with your cool mom who seemed to “get” my pre-teen angst, while you decorated your little self in scarves and twist-tie jewelry. (I don’t remember why you were in the trailer – maybe that’s when the centre was being painted / renovated??) Special memories. And so lovely to hear how the rest unfolded for you…. thanks!

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Thanks for this Daya! I have no memory of a trailer … except for yours and the one Mangala, Caleb, and Ariel lived in which back then was right close to your family’s. I wonder if we stayed there for a while?
      I just remember you being the ‘cool teenager’. I was in awe of you … and probably a little scared of you! Haha. And you always had the COOLEST hair that all us younger kids admired with great enthusiasm.
      Sweet that we can still be connected … 30 years later and counting. See you at the retreat?

  7. Trina McDonald

    Thank you for sharing Jeremiah! We met last year when you purchased the farm from Sheri (I am the young friend who has worked on the farm for so many years). The Saltspring Centre has played a special part in my life and education, so I feel a kinship with you through both these magical places.
    I have been to Sheri’s a few times this spring and have not made it up for a visit yet (though admittedly I harvested a few nettles from your forest). I will surely be by soon and would love to walk around and see what you are up to.


    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Hi Trina!

      Lovely to see this note from you, yes come by for a visit on the farm! You are welcome to drop by anytime, or we’ll schedule a time. I would be happy to show you what’s new, and hear more about your experience here, and at the Centre.


  8. Fiona Mackey

    I love you Jeremiah! I also love your vintage 2003 ‘JLO’ YTT catsuit! I’d love to come and see you again on Salt Spring. xo

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      How could I ever forget the vintage JLO catsuit! I always give you credit for that little wonder, it made the show!!
      Happy to hear from you. Let me know when you are next on the island!
      Lots of love J xo

  9. Susan Pilling

    Hi Jeremiah,
    I love your story.
    Not sure if you recal me, I was in your 2003 YTT class, and a fellow actress in the YogaQueen skit. What fun that was.
    Inspiring for me, what you are doing still……

    hope to meet up again
    Sister Sue 🙂

    1. Jeramiah Morris

      Hi Sue!
      Of course I remember! How could I forget a fellow ‘Babba’ member?! I recall your sweet and steady energy in the YTT course, it would be good to cross paths again! Let me know if you are on the island.

      Jeramiah xo

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