7 responses to “Honouring the Teacher”

  1. Rajesh kreisler

    Thanks for that. So very true. Life changing. So fortunate.

  2. Anna Zach

    Thank you Sharada! I love every word you said. Very inspiring. Exactly what I need right now. Thanks

  3. Anusri

    Lovely, Sharada. Thank you for so eloquently reminding us of what it’s all too easy to forget!

  4. Jaya

    Sharada, a lovely written piece. I’ve been thinking of Babaji every day this last while and your writing reminds me to pause and give thanks for being born into a life with him in it.

  5. Shakti Sallie Harrison

    Jaya Ram!!! Thanks so much, Sharada. Even just the picture of Dear Babaji with his teacup, the look in his eyes, tells a thousand beautiful words.

    Seeing this picture and reading this October post brings a flood of amazing memories to my mind. It has been many, many years since I was at either Salt Spring Center or Mt Madonna and visited with you all. In fact things have probably changed there quite a bit.

    BUT I have always continued to carry these times and experiences with me, and have been thinking a lot of Babaji as he has entered this time of health challenges and elder age. His steadfastness, his patience, his wisdom, his atunement to physical fitness, his love of play, and even – pranks! – all have been major influences and guideposts for me.

    Especially the playfulness part!! Once I suffered a broken rib during one of our volleyball marathons at Mt. Madonna (an unintentional collision with dear Samphad – sp?). Years later, Samphad came along with Babaji and others to visit our Seattle sanga and give programs. As we all sat together at breakfast one day, Babaji turned to me and chalked, “How is your rib?” – amazing, as it had been so long. I saw that little gleam in his eye. I pointed to Samphad and said, “Let’s ask him!” Samphad got VERY wide eyed, looking from Babaji to me. We all were chuckling, as it appeared he had not remembered this incident. Babaji wrote, “Your pain is over. His is just beginning!”

    So, you see, what a master! So many ways to teach and learn. I will never forget him. Yes, that is stating the obvious, but there it is!

    Once again, thank you for your service. May God always bless you. Gratefully,

    Snohomish, Washington

  6. Arpita

    Thank you, Sharada, for putting into words what so many of Babaji’s students feel. And also for the deeply meaningful quotes.

  7. Anandi Best

    Thank you Sharada. I basked in your writing that reflects the pool of which we are all a drop.

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