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Sharada's March Update

Sharada’s March Update

Greetings everyone. In January’s update, I wrote about the arrival of spring. Apparently I spoke too soon. Winter’s last hurrah came toward the end of February, with three days of non-stop heavy snow, along with two days of power outage. Fortunately the Centre is well-equipped to deal with such surprises: the generator insured that there […]

Making Space for Peace – Sutra 33, Book 1 of the Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are an ancient system of yoga, a map or set of guide-posts whose purpose is to help us navigate the mind, leading us from the restless and turbulent mind to the still and peaceful mind, in preparation for eventually transcending the mind itself. There are many translations and commentaries on […]

Gabriel and Emily at the Salt Spring Centre Annual Community Yoga Retreat, 2010

Our Centre Community – Gabriel Vinod Rose

Babaji and the places he inspired have always been a part of my life. My parents, Chandra (Pamela) and Allan Rose, were active participants in the Vancouver Satsang, and we, along with my brother Joseph (Ramesh), visited the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga often for the first several years of my life. Although we eventually […]

A Letter from Myles

A Letter from Myles

Dear S.S.C.Y Crew, Thank you so very much for all the warmth and hospitality expressed during my short visit to this awesome space. I really have valued and enjoyed the time I got to spend here visiting my friend David. More than just a casual visit, my time here has been immersed in the spirit […]

Asana of the Month - Makarasana (Alligator Pose)

Asana of the Month – Makarasana (Alligator Pose)

Makarasana (Alligator Pose) This pose makes the spine flexible, strengthening the digestive system, abdomen, backside and legs. Alligator Pose card by Andrea Kalpana Tabachnick, YTT coordinator, senior teacher and artist.

YSS Coordinator Needed

YSS Coordinator Needed

Yoga Service and Study Coordinator May 1st to September 15th, 2014 The YSS Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our Yoga Service and Study Immersion (YSSI) program, a three month intensive residential program which operates between June 1st and August 31st. The YSSI program hosts 15-20 participants who will be immersed in the […]

Baba Hari Dass Health Update

Official updates from the Hanuman Fellowship regarding the latest on Babaji’s health can be found at Be assured there is a good team in place to see that Babaji is well cared for.

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