7 responses to “Our Centre Community: Shyam (Sean Crabtree)”

  1. Kishori

    Hey Shyam – beautifully written – and yes, you are lucky to have a Mum like Lakshmi – I watched how patient she was with you all those years ago and you’re right – you were a devil – a real challenge. But I know Babaji loved you right from the get-go and now I have the privilege of calling you my son (thanks Lakshmi).
    You three look so happy together. How blessed we all are.
    Much love to all of you.

  2. Rajesh Kreisler

    what an awesome story! what an awesome life. Jai Sita Ram!

  3. Arpita at Mount Madonna

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Shyam, Sean. So heart-warming to hear that Babaji’s teachings are reaching another new generation. OM

  4. Rajani Rock

    OH MY GODDESS….I love it!!!! you are welcome for all the patients and love we showered you with…you were quite the boy!!!! fortunately I grew up with three brothers, so had an idea of how to respond to you….I have always LOVED you Shyam/Sean…..I think I may have encouraged some of your trickster moments for sure….

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us and bringing us so much joy in the process.


    Rajani xoxo p.s. cannot wait to meet your munchkin as I’m sure she’ll give you a run for your money too!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Rajani Rock

    OOPS!!! I mean patience….. although I do believe there were a few patients as a result of some of your endeavours….:) 🙂

  6. Kiva

    Wonderful story Shyam! It really tells the history of yourself and the community at the same time, both of which are nice to read about.

  7. Lakshmi Teresa McPhee

    Dear Shyam, I loved reading your story although I know it well!
    beautifully written- it made me laugh a few times – we certainly have had a lot of adventures with wonderful memories -especially at Saltspring Centre.
    When I used to ask Babajj for parenting advise , he would always laugh and say ” I was just like him as a child” – I think he meant highly curious, energetic and playful with a big heart.
    I am very proud of the person you’ve become and to be your mom.Om and much love , Lakshmi

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