8 responses to “Our Centre Community: Sudha Soleil”

  1. Chandra

    Dearest Sudha,
    I enjoyed every word and photograph of your beautiful profile. What blessings we have shared! Thanks in particular for the reminiscences of the Oyama retreats.

    Love to you and dear Phil. I look forward to seeing Mischa Pavan this summer here at the Centre.

    Your satsang sister,

  2. Aneeta

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, Sudha. I was moved to read it

  3. Kishori

    Hi Sudha – so nice to read this – I wonder do you remember doing a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Mallika? It was wonderful and I also remember you being so kind to me after she was born – we only had a shower and I longed for tub – you offered me yours. It was heaven. I think of you guys and it’s wonderful to see Mischa at retreats and occasionally when I go to kirtan/satsang in Vancouver.
    Bless you and your sweet Phil.
    much love,

  4. Rashmi

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful stories and your inspirational life.

  5. Sudha

    I appreciate hearinrg your comments. Writing my story and having it published in the Salt Spring Centre newsletter brings me so much joy.

  6. Catherine Ambika Sheppard

    Sudha–I loved reading your life story–Im so glad we connected at the Vancouver Satsang all those years ago and that we becme closer friends over the years. I know I havent been out to Whiterock to vist for the last few years-so much going on in my life and so many changes. I wondering if you will come to this year’s retreat? I will call you in the next couple of weeks. I do think of you and feel your heart mind and soul within me. Adios for now-Hoping very much to see you again soon-de su amiga-Love Ambika Sheppard-vayas con Dios siempre

  7. Prashant

    Thank you Sudha. This was a story that had me tear up in gratitude… for so many things..

  8. Rajesh (Jeramiah)


    I really enjoyed reading your profile. I too was moved to tears.
    I am grateful!

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