3 responses to “Our Centre Community: Jenny Shanti Collver”

  1. Rajesh Kreisler

    Hi Jenny, It has been a pleasure to know you these many years! I learned so much about you by reading your story. You are an inspiration to me! wishing you all the best!

  2. Valery Petrich

    Hi Jenny
    I am writing a book on the history of yoga in Canada. I have met a lot of people who started with Bina Nelson, but I can find no living relative of hers to obtain a photo or any information about her birth, death, etc.
    Do you have any information or leads for me?


  3. Rajani

    Hi Jenny…..so great to hear about the aspects of your life I have not know about….thank you for being who you are and offering so much to the centre, the school and the community over all these years….It’s always a joy to see your smiling face….

    Blessings dear sister.


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