6 responses to “Tolerance, Compassion and Contentment”

  1. Peter Levitt

    Beautiful teaching, Sharada. These days, when the news is so consistently disturbing, your teaching shows a path of peace within each person, and between partners, friends, neighbours, peoples and nations as well.

    I offer you my deepest bow of gratitude,


  2. Mandira Feldvebel

    So lovely to hear from you, Sarada! Om, peace! Mandira

  3. Rajesh Kreisler

    Aloha Sharada, That was such a clear and well written piece. In the first few lines, I thought you were the author! How well we know each other ( our one big family) ! Thank you for putting pen to paper. Tolerance, compassion and contentment: our ultimate aim in householder life. Sadly missing the annual retreat for the first time, ever! Joy, peace and love to all in our sat sang! aloha from our new home on Kauai! Rajesh

  4. Willeke

    Thank you! I was worrying how my sister is living her life and how she “should” improve it…your words make me realize again that I can not control her life, but just live my own and be non judgmental of hers.

  5. lucie

    “everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always.” i am LOVING your writings sharda, you are a wonderful role model, your commitment to truth and peace is an inspiration

  6. Lina Yaroshuk

    Thank you Sharda for writting such a lovely piece.
    I look forward to sharing these teaching with my classes and loved ones.

    Ommmm Shanti – Miss you all (SSCY Family)

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