3 responses to “News from the Centre (October 2014)”

  1. kris

    Oh Sharada,
    Thank you for your sweet words. My thoughts are with you all and the Centre constantly. I cannot possibly describe what almost 2 years of living and working there has done for me as a person – the city girl with so much to prove to herself. I have spent many years trying to ‘become a better person’ but now I feel that I’ve had an experience that will allow me to keep becoming my best self, while realizing my own perfection. And with less struggle than before.
    It seems that almost every day, I think of the amazing mentors that I’ve had while at SSCY. It’s frequent that I think “How would Sharada handle this?” or “What would Paramita do?” or “What would Vivian say?”. I am so filled with gratitude for all that I have learned both within my role and as a person.
    Before I ever knew about the Centre, I remember overhearing two people reminiscing about their time there: “It’s a magical place”. I can honestly say that this is so very true.
    Thank you. So many times thank you. I love you all.
    much love, kris

  2. leslie

    I love receiving the News of the center. Not a day goes by without you sharda and the center on my mind and in my heart. Happy harvest. Leslie. Greenhough

  3. Sharada Filkow

    So sweet to hear from you, Leslie – just as it is seeing pictures of your beautiful family on Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Sharada

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