5 responses to “Our Centre Community: Glenda Saraswati Garcia”

  1. Rajani

    Beautiful story, beautiful woman, beautiful soul….

    Namaste….:) 🙂 xo

  2. Savita Young


    I am so happy for your presence at sscy. You continue to model a life dedicated to truth, as found through Babaji’s teachings and the Ashtanga yoga system, but more deeply, I feel it is who you already know yourSelf to be in this lifetime, all systems aside.

    You are a sparkling mirror of Hanuman; dedicated, selfless and integral. Thank you for holding up that mirror for others to see themselves, as that light of the true Self.


  3. Rajesh Kreisler

    Nice story!!! I like seeing that last picture of the board of directors with you and Rajesh sitting on it. Having our younger members participating, who grew up in our community as children, brings so much strength and vision to our satsang. Jai Sita Ram! Sending warmth and aloha from Hawaii!

  4. rose

    I always appreciate Pratibha and Sharada’s writing, and this month you! Thank you for sharing your story Saraswati. I’m happy for you, and Piet 🙂

  5. Kishori

    We are so glad to have you and your many talents at the Centre – thank you to both you and Piet for your commitment and involvement at the Centre – and of course for your fun in our mini Ramayana at the retreat – the lovely Sita and Piet the Lord Ram.
    We are grateful and feel so lucky to have you.
    much love

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