7 responses to “Our Centre Community: Chetna Boyd – Yoga Journey”

  1. Kishori

    Oh my dear Chetna – I knew it – I just knew how fabulous you would be as a teacher. I’m so glad and ever so grateful you took me up on my suggestion and came to YTT so long ago. You are such a treasure and a blessing to all how know you and to the Centre.
    much love

  2. Gigi Vincentine

    Love it !
    Thank you!

  3. Trina

    I Loved reading this and especially seeing the beautiful picture of you laughing with your Samskara mate! Its been a while since I last saw you but I am ever grateful for the sweet way you have passed on the teachings and the joy! A big hug! Tri

  4. Janis

    Your article brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy for you and myself I guess. Knowing that I too am at Peace and live in joy, with Love in my heart, in this place we live in, Heaven on earth Love and Light to you, Chetna

  5. sandra

    You rock Cheytna Boyd!!

  6. leslie

    Beautiful story of your beginning. inspiring. Blessed to have meet you and have are yoga paths crossing. You and the center are in my thoughts and heart daily. It is the only place so far in life I felt home. So much gratitude for the learning. Bringing it to life daily for myself and my children. X0

  7. Gwen Hartland

    thank you for sharing your inner journey to your path of service in yoga. I am inspired by your truthfulness and open heart. Namaste

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