4 responses to “Our Centre Community: Meera”

  1. Usha

    Great summary of your Centred life!
    So much love to you, Meera – you have always been such a spark of liveliness and fun – I remember all your phases with affection and amusement. You were an instant learner, bright as a button as my Granny used to say.

  2. nona

    fun and wonderful..Thanks for sharing Meera
    hi nona

  3. Sarah

    I met many of these beautiful people when I was young and was their guest at many events. It was always wonderful ,every one was so welcoming. Thank you to all of you for the wonderful memories ! Meera especially

  4. Rajani

    Thank you so much Meera…..a wonderful description of a great time at the centre…..we surely had so much fun both at school and at centre functions…..You truly are a beauty!!!! Happy Birthing and sending many blessings of ease and peace on the birth of your second child….see you at the retreat…..:) 🙂


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