5 responses to “Our Centre Community: Arpita Jessy Rose”

  1. Usha Rautenbach

    Love you Arpita!
    So good to read your story.

    I remember that you are Jessy (although I confess I think of “little Jessy” when I reflect back on the child you were!) but to me you have become Arpita; I do still hold within me the name my parents gave me; I am that person. Like you I love the name Babaji gave me when I asked for one, and I always remember what he said it meant, both something so empowering but also a key to hold onto, as a purpose to aspire to.

    I love the music in your spirit.

  2. Rajesh Kreisler

    aloha Aroita, It is wonderful to see your story in print. You are indeed a special soul, having grown up in our satsang family. I enjoy staying connected to your mother through Facebook. It is too bad she is so far away. I am far away now too, but I love there connections through the newsletter. wishing you well, Rajesh

  3. Joseph Ramesh Pallant

    What a kind, delightful story of your life! Thank you.

  4. Bhavani

    Dear Arpita,
    I was really very moved by reading your piece in the newsletter. We’ve just finished the New Year’s retreat and it was so so wonderful to have so many from my Salt Spring family in attendance. While a retreat can often bring up some daunting self-reflection (inner “truth-bombs”!) – at least for me they do – I can’t think of anywhere, or anyone with whom, I’d rather bring in the turning of the year. It was awesome to have so many of you here, although I missed some of my best buds from the north, Sharada, Kalpana & Divakar, Chandra & Al & family, et all. (Please tell Sharada I miss her and love her!). Ah, well – we can’t do everything we wish, sometimes…
    Perhaps you will be able to come, next year! This retreat has a lot of music-sharing, all kinds, and to have your angelic voice add to the mix would be awesome!
    As I read what you wrote, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own “growing up” with Babaji and the community; I was 19 when I met him, so much younger than I thought I was! And I related to many of the things you wrote – especially about the “name of your heart”; for me, taking a name from Babaji was a real inner commitment, and not something I took at all lightly – I didn’t ask him until after a year of knowing him. The phrase you used speaks to it so eloquently.
    I have always appreciated you quiet, loving energy and your down-to-earth groundedness, and of course your rare and crystalline, “Joni-inspired” singing (her songs were my coming-of-age anthems; still listen all the time!). The Centre is blessed to have you, as are all your aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters.
    Much love, bhavani

  5. rose

    thanks for sharing
    i love arpita : )

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