3 responses to “Our Centre Community: Ishi Dinim”

  1. Usha Rautenbach

    Lovely photos to keep me connected to your whole family, good story, Ishi – it was interesting to realise that you’d been away for some time! My awareness of you has just been one unendingly connected story, from your very first time coming to the Centre with Maya – to you and Catherine and the girls this past summer! I’ve never forgotten you between, in my vague way.
    My heart is gladdened that you are part of it all and will be there again.

  2. Mischa Pavan

    Ishi, what a wonderful story! Such a special place indeed. I have many fond memories of hanging out with you and learning and playing that first summer. It has been a pleasure to reconnect more recently!

  3. Rajani

    Thank you for your story and beautiful pictures of you and your family… It is always a pleasure to see your faces and share the times we have together and I thank you and Catherine for the great energy you bring and your two amazing daughters who are full of love and curiousity.

    Looking forward to our next visit together.

    Blessings upon you….Rajani 🙂

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