3 responses to “Paris, Climate Change and the Bhagavad Gita”

  1. Jules

    Thank you Ramesh! I feel inspired to dive back into the Gita AND to tune up my bicycle. Om

  2. Chandra

    Joseph Ramesh,

    Thank you for this clear statement of the tenets of action in the Paris Agreement. I have read and reread each section of your article and it is a very helpful guide. Personally, it is particularly inspiring to hear about the success for multinationalism that is one of the primary outcomes of COP 21.

    As a teenager of 17 I recall a disturbing moment of insight while visiting the United Nations. I stood at the door of the cafeteria and noticed how the delegates were clustered with their fellow nationals, and I felt the presence of the ego of national identity as an obstacle to the work that the UN had before it.

    The Paris Agreement strikes a more hopeful note. It is such a strong statement of agreement and intent from all nations – it represents the energy of rising above individual differences and thereby creating the possibility of success of climate action. Jai Ganesh!

  3. Arpita

    What a beautiful article, Ramesh! I feel inspired and encouraged knowing that a member of the satsang was there at the summit, and also to see you write about environmental activism through the lens of the Gita. Yoga and environmentalism are so deeply intertwined, and you expressed that beautifully. Om, Jai!

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