3 responses to “7 Ways to Prevent Yoga Teacher Burnout”

  1. Krista Notenboom

    Thank you Kenzie, for sharing this wisdom!! Having just completed the YTT program and having the good fortune of being taught by you, I appreciate this as I step out into my own teaching life. Namaste! Krista

  2. Laura Matheson

    Thanks for this wonderful article, Kenzie! I just started teaching at a new studio in a new-to-me city (and a new country!) and, while I’m not yet feeling the signs of oncoming burnout, I like the idea of being armoured against such a problem 🙂

    I already feel differences in teaching style at this new studio and studios I’ve taught at before, so I’m very aware that I will need to safeguard what’s important to me and try to let go of any differences that may be cultural or due to a different style of practice. Numbers 3 and 5 really speak to me!

  3. Lyndsay Savage

    Great wisdom Kenzie!
    Thanks for sharing.

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