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A misty morning at the Centre

News from the Centre – April 2017

Hello everyone and happy spring. The snow finally all melted sometime in early March – or maybe it was mid- March – and spring began – nettles, blossoms, new growth. The days are long and much warmer than they were a month ago. The Centre’s program season began in March with the first Yoga Getaway […]

Our Centre Community – Ravi Albright

Our Centre Community – Ravi Albright

Dedicated to my father, Matt Albright RIP I was born at home in Seattle where my father was at the University of Washington getting a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies. I am the middle child of 5,: my brother Abe, sisters Margaret, Annie, and Beth. Our family moved to Sequim on the Olympic Penninsula when […]

This is cat pose!

Asana of the Month: Marjaryasana/Bitilasana (cat/cow pose)

Freedom in the pelvis, freedom in the heart. I love this string of movements because it brings breath and motion into the pelvis and the heart. Flowing from cat to cow pose is a great way to warm up the body, ease tension in the spine and build strength in the core. Benefits of cat/cow […]

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