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Watching our beans grow.

News from the Centre – July 2017

Hello everyone, and sunny wishes to you all. Summer has finally taken root, and along with it, all the summer events at the Centre. Happy Canada Day! Daphne Hollins and Yogeshwar Humphry have dived into their new roles as Centre Manager and Operations Manager. They’ve spent a lot of time in meetings, but are also getting […]

Remembering our Innate Goodness

We came into this world pure. If you spend time with any newborn baby, you can see they live only in the present moment. A baby may cry when she has physical discomfort – hunger, wet diaper, etc – but she makes no judgements about the world, such as, “Bad mommy. Why isn’t she here […]

Karma Yogi Ponderings

Karma Yogi Ponderings

Ponderings by a few karma yogis at the Centre Here are the prompts people were given to stimulate some reflections about their lives at the Centre. You may want to consider these questions yourself (perhaps with a little revision to fit your life). What have been the highlights of your time at the Centre so […]

The swan by the front fountain (lilacs blooming in the background)

News from the Centre – June 2017

Hello everyone, and happy summer to you. As I write this the sun is shining and the day is bright; the sky is very blue and the grass is very green. Everything is growing. There is lots of exciting news to share in this time of growth. Mark Classen (aka Omprakash), the president of Dharma […]

Yoga Diwali India

Yoga Diwali India

In celebrating the connection among the centres begun by Babaji – Mount Madonna Center, the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, and Sri Ram Ashram – we are delighted to share an invitation to join Mount Madonna Center for Yoga Diwali India, from October 10-22, 2017 – a perfect time to experience India.

Amita on the mound with Babaji

Growing up with Babaji

Growing up with Babaji by Amita Kuttner I was born in North Vancouver in December 1990 to Chandra Prabha and Satish. My parents had both already been students of Babaji for quite some time, and in fact called him from the hospital to get my name. I first visited Salt Spring Centre of Yoga (SSCY) […]

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