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News from the Centre - September 2017

News from the Centre – September 2017

Hello everyone, Welcome, September! August was a month of shifting energies on a number of levels. Fires in northern and eastern parts of BC (and further east) affected many people, casting a pall of smoke over much of the province, affecting everyone, particularly those with breathing difficulties. We continue to send our prayers to those […]

Work Honestly...

Work Honestly…

Work Honestly, Meditate every day Meet people without fear, And play. This simple four-line instruction that Babaji wrote on his chalkboard years ago in response to a question, has become a guiding light at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. This quote is visible in the lobby and even on the back of the hoodie […]

Meet Yogeshwar Humphrey, SSCY Operations Manager

Meet Yogeshwar Humphrey, SSCY Operations Manager

It’s now been just about two and a half months since I arrived at the Salt Spring Centre in my new role as Operations Manager. I drove off of the Long Harbour ferry and over to the Centre, got out of my car, and walked right into a Dharma Sara Satsang Society board meeting. I’ve […]

Prince’s Island Park in Calgary 2013

Finding my Tribe – Santosh Adam Bernath

My spiritual journey began when I was very young. In about the third grade I started realizing a sensitivity and compassion for the crude and harsh attitudes and tendencies that I witnessed on the playground and in school. “Why is there bullying?” I would ask myself, “and why would anyone want to hurt anybody?” I […]

A Simple Teaching

A Simple Teaching

It’s been one year since I completed the yoga teacher training (YTT) at Salt Spring in 2016. It was both a beautiful and challenging experience, however I walked away with no clear idea of whether or not I would start teaching. Fast forward 12 months and I currently work in a retail store in Victoria, […]

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