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Sri Ram Ashram, literally “home” in Hindi, is located in the northern state of Uttaranchal, India, on sixteen acres of rural farmland near the town of Haridwar. Sri Ram Ashram supports an orphanage for sixty-eight destitute and orphaned children, a school for 500 children, and a charitable medical clinic. The Ashram was founded in 1984, inspired by Baba Hari Dass. Babaji has spent part of every year working at the ashram since its inception.

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Sri Ram Orphanage

Sri Ram Orphanage is not an adoption facility but rather a children’s home. The children are raised to honor their culture and become contributing members of society. Sri Ram Orphanage is dedicated to providing a stable, loving family atmosphere to abandoned or neglected children in India. The orphanage accepts both infants and older children and equally values girls and boys.

Facilities include housing for babies, children and orphanage staff as well as a library, game room, well-equipped playground, cricket and soccer fields.

Sri Ram Orphanage respects the value of all children, staff, residents and visitors in creating an extended family for those who otherwise would not have a home of unconditional love.

The School: Sri Ram Vidya Mandir (Sri Ram Temple of Knowledge)

Sri Ram Vidya Mandir (SRVM) is dedicated to the highest caliber education for the children of Sri Ram Orphanage and surrounding rural areas. The purpose of the school is to offer high quality instruction to children who otherwise may not be able to attend school or receive a proper education.

Sri Ram Medical Clinic

Sri Ram Medical Clinic provides charitable health care and health education to people in rural village areas within Haridwar District. The Medical Clinic runs free outpatient care and dispenses basic medicines at a nominal cost. For serious illnesses the medical clinic is a liaison to coordinate medical care for patients within a larger community of doctors. There is a conscious effort to blend western and local Ayurvedic medicine with other complementary systems of healing.

How Is Donated Money Used?

The money is used to support the ashram children in these ways:

  • medical and health care
  • food and clothing
  • education (books, computers and supplies)

Recently funds helped to purchase a much needed new school bus.

Sri Ram Foundation
Sri Ram Foundation
Sri Ram Foundation

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