News from the Centre – September 2017

Hello everyone, Welcome, September! August was a month of shifting energies on a number of levels. Fires in northern and eastern parts of BC (and further east) affected many people, casting a pall of smoke over much of the province, affecting everyone, particularly those with breathing difficulties. We continue to send our prayers to those […]

Work Honestly…

Work Honestly, Meditate every day Meet people without fear, And play. This simple four-line instruction that Babaji wrote on his chalkboard years ago in response to a question, has become a guiding light at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. This quote is visible in the lobby and even on the back of the hoodie […]

Meet Yogeshwar Humphrey, SSCY Operations Manager

It’s now been just about two and a half months since I arrived at the Salt Spring Centre in my new role as Operations Manager. I drove off of the Long Harbour ferry and over to the Centre, got out of my car, and walked right into a Dharma Sara Satsang Society board meeting. I’ve […]

Finding my Tribe – Santosh Adam Bernath

My spiritual journey began when I was very young. In about the third grade I started realizing a sensitivity and compassion for the crude and harsh attitudes and tendencies that I witnessed on the playground and in school. “Why is there bullying?” I would ask myself, “and why would anyone want to hurt anybody?” I […]

A Simple Teaching

It’s been one year since I completed the yoga teacher training (YTT) at Salt Spring in 2016. It was both a beautiful and challenging experience, however I walked away with no clear idea of whether or not I would start teaching. Fast forward 12 months and I currently work in a retail store in Victoria, […]

News from the Centre – August 2017

Hello everyone, Summer is speeding by as it does every year. This month Daphne Hollins, our Centre Manager shares her experience of the past few months in Musings from Centre Management. Kudos to our amazing staff of karma yogis and volunteers for their support during the July session of YTT: The kitchen team provided excellent […]

Karma Yogi Ponderings

Ponderings by a few karma yogis at the Centre Here are the prompts people were given to stimulate some reflections about their lives at the Centre. You may want to consider these questions yourself (perhaps with a little revision to fit your life). What have been the highlights of your time at the Centre so […]

News from the Centre – July 2017

Hello everyone, and sunny wishes to you all. Summer has finally taken root, and along with it, all the summer events at the Centre. Happy Canada Day! Daphne Hollins and Yogeshwar Humphry have dived into their new roles as Centre Manager and Operations Manager. They’ve spent a lot of time in meetings, but are also getting […]

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