News from the Centre – November 2017

Hello everyone, At this chilly time of year we are still being treated to sunny days (alternating with rain). Here are some photos of apples just before harvesting and flowers still abloom – but not for long. While we’re on the subject of the garden, here’s… Milo’s farm update: What a gift those soaking rains […]

Choosing Peace

Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming about the future. Sometimes we fantasize that at some point in the future we’ll have it all together, we’ll have what we want, and we’ll finally be able to relax and be happy. I’m sorry to spoil the dream, but remember that this is a fantasy. […]

Questions and Answers with Babaji

Q: For someone who leads a busy life, how is it possible to keep one’s mind on God? B: God is not separate from its creation. Anything that you see, feel, experience is God. Identify it as God and that will keep the awareness of God. Q: It seems that many paths or practices can […]

Higher Love

Higher Love by Racquel Marshall I have a slanted British accent, I think I look like an Indian, and I was born in India. My name is Racquel Marshall – not quite an Indian name. I don’t speak Hindi; instead I have dreamed in English as far back as I can remember. Quite the contradiction […]

News from the Centre – October 2017

“I thank you God for this amazing day; for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a beautiful blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes.” e e cummings Hello everyone, Summer has been slowly evolving into autumn as the leaves blow off the trees and […]

Reflections on Regular Sadhana

As September draws to close and October begins, I find myself, as I often do at this time of year, reflecting on the summer that has passed and contemplating what autumn and winter may bring. For the last three summers, I have had the great fortune of being involved with the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) […]

“Lyndsay… You just worry about Lyndsay”

by Lyndsay Savage I have had a repeated, and unwanted message from school teachers as a child… “Lyndsay, you just worry about Lyndsay”. What could possibly move them to say such oddly phrased and annoying words to a young me?! Possibly it was because I had a strong sense of truth-seeking in all aspects of […]

News from the Centre – September 2017

Hello everyone, Welcome, September! August was a month of shifting energies on a number of levels. Fires in northern and eastern parts of BC (and further east) affected many people, casting a pall of smoke over much of the province, affecting everyone, particularly those with breathing difficulties. We continue to send our prayers to those […]

Work Honestly…

Work Honestly, Meditate every day Meet people without fear, And play. This simple four-line instruction that Babaji wrote on his chalkboard years ago in response to a question, has become a guiding light at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. This quote is visible in the lobby and even on the back of the hoodie […]

Meet Yogeshwar Humphrey, SSCY Operations Manager

It’s now been just about two and a half months since I arrived at the Salt Spring Centre in my new role as Operations Manager. I drove off of the Long Harbour ferry and over to the Centre, got out of my car, and walked right into a Dharma Sara Satsang Society board meeting. I’ve […]

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