Centre Guidelines

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga programs and facilities have been built almost exclusively by volunteers. Our yoga service & study program offers an opportunity for participants to:

  • Practice selfless service
  • Contribute to the effective running of the Centre
  • Deepen their own practice of yoga and meditation in the many practical and philosophical classes offered
  • Enjoy the great benefits of living in a supportive, intentional spiritual community

Along with this come certain responsibilities. We choose to live according to basic yogic principles of diet and behaviour. In keeping with the traditional sattvic diet prescribed for yoga practitioners, we do not use meat, fish, eggs, garlic or onions in the Centre kitchen. Likewise, smoking, illegal drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the property.

These policies are foundational to the atmosphere that guests experience, as well as to the continuing excellent reputation of the Centre. There are further practical guidelines arising from our experience over many years:

  • Other than in the kitchens and for certain ceremonies, no naked flame or incendiary hazard is permitted on the property. This means no open fires, candles, smudges, incense or kerosene lamps are allowed on the land.
  • We ask that you dress modestly and avoid public nudity.
  • Please refrain from swearing.
  • Please do not bring pets of any kind.
  • Please avoid strongly-scented oils and cosmetics.
  • We have a no-outdoor shoe policy in all our major buildings and we ask that you remove your shoes at the entrance. Also, if you have been walking barefoot outdoors please ensure your feet are clean before you enter buildings, and remain off carpeted areas.
  • We ask that if you become involved in a romantic relationship you show discretion in your behaviour.
  • If you wish to have friends or family visit for a meal or a short stay while you are here, please see our guidelines for this.
  • Quiet hours are observed from 9 pm – 8 am and on Tuesday mornings we observe silence until 9:30am.

For general comfort and safety of residents and guests, and for the maintenance of a peaceful environment conducive to the practice and teaching of yoga in its broadest sense, all residents are expected to follow these guidelines. It is our experience that adherence to these guidelines helps create an environment that will make your stay at the Centre fulfilling.

For clarification on any aspect of these guidelines, Paramita, the Centre Director who lives on-site, will be happy to help.
E-mail: yoga@saltspringcentre.com

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