Frequently Asked Questions

Salt Spring Centre of Yoga - Family Retreat

Following are some general FAQs reflecting common queries we receive in the office. Below is a list of our specialized FAQs for the various sections of the site.

What are your cancellation policies?
Please read the Cancellation Policy that applies to the specific program you are inquiring about.
What are the camping facilities like?
Camping is available From May to September. We offer unmarked tenting options in a quiet forest setting or in the sunny open meadows. All have access to hot outdoor showers and outhouses; however, there is no electrical hook‐ups. Campers are asked to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, pillows, linens and towels. Please note: there are no open fires, kerosene lamps or candles allowed on the land.
What are the rooms like?
The rooms are cozy with comfortable beds and linens. Private rooms have 1 twin bed; shared rooms have 2-3 twin beds, depending on the room. Rooms have nightstands, bedside lamps and dressers (alarm clocks are not provided). All rooms, except our one room with an ensuite, have shared washrooms.
How do I get to the Centre?
We have posted directions on our Getting Here page.
How long will it take to get there?
From Vancouver allow four to five hours (door to door) by ferry and car or transit; 25 minutes airtime by floatplane plus ten minutes by car/taxi. From Victoria, allow a comfortable two hours door to door by ferry and car. We have posted more details on our Getting Here page.
Do you have space available in my program/retreat?
Please email us at, or call us at 250-537-2326 to find about space availability.
How many public yoga classes are available each day?
Visit our Yoga Class Schedule page for details.

Annual Community Yoga Retreat
I have never come to the Centre before. Is the Annual Community Yoga Retreat a good time to try it out?
Yes, it is a perfect time to come to the Centre. The Annual Community Yoga Retreat is a time for old friends and new-comers alike to come together in a fun, uplifting and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes children. We cater to everyone with a wide variety of classes at different levels. The Annual Community Yoga Retreat is one of our most popular events.

Chikitsa Shala Wellness Centre
How do I make an appointment at the Wellness Centre?
You may choose a treatment and book a time by calling us at (250) 537-2326.
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