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In support of our mission, the Centre offers classes, workshops and training courses aligned with the teachings of classical ashtanga and hatha yoga as passed on to us by our teacher, Baba Hari Dass. We also rent our facility to like-minded groups to run their own programs and retreats. Providing a supportive environment for these activities requires an organized infrastructure. Those coming to the Centre as volunteer staff join the residential community in supporting this mission, and in so doing, benefit from this personal growth opportunity, the peaceful environment, a wide variety of classes, the natural lifestyle and immersion in a spiritual community.

Daily life at the Centre is based on karma yoga, the practice of selfless service, one of the three main paths of traditional yoga, as the common background to all of our daily activities. In selfless service, efforts are made to perform all actions without self-interest, but nonetheless wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and focus. Despite working toward an objective, the work is done without attachment to the fruit of the actions. These are high ideals – virtually all our actions contain some degree of self-interest, even as it gets more and more subtle. Over time this results in action that has, at its foundation, a deep peace and joy that are unaffected by adverse circumstances. Those who stay at the Centre become guided by these principles, not as external rules, but through the understanding that they bring about the reduction of the ego, the “I-me-mine” concept as the motivating force of all our thoughts and actions.

All of our volunteer opportunities require a full commitment to and a focus on the needs of the community. As a gesture of support, we offer volunteer staff a small stipend to offset some of the basic daily costs of living while at the Centre. This amount is not intended to be a ‘wage’, but rather a small allowance for incidental expenses.

* Please note that all positions provide residence at the Centre and certain restrictions apply.  Due to space limitations and in the interest of serving the Centre’s mission, it is necessary that all residents are working members of the Centre.  If interested, partners living together may apply for positions and both live together and work at the Centre. At this time, we are unable to accommodate children or pets.

The main aim of life is to attain peace. At the land we are doing various things, but underneath it all, that is our aim.
~ Baba Hari Dass

Karma Yoga at the Salt Spring Centre
Karma Yoga at the Salt Spring Centre
Karma Yoga at the Salt Spring Centre
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