Annual Community Yoga Retreat – Testimonials

“It was an amazing, fun, family community experience and I’ll definitely be there next year.” ~ Phyllis Straub, 2014 Karma Staff

“A fun weekend full of open hearts, devotion, laughter and love.” ~ Sue Ann Leavy, 2014 Karma Staff

“It was heartwarming and nourishing to feel a part of the family that was created and been created by the Centre. It feels natural to have so many people and so much love on the land. It recharges the energy and intent of the land and stokes the fire within all those who are a part of it.” ~ 2013 Karma Staff

“The reason i chose to come to this retreat was the Kids program. Everything met and exceeded my expectations. So many beautiful souls here. I hope to return soon.” ~ Jeanette Riches, 2013 Guest

“Loved being part of Arati and singing lots. The meals were amazing and the staff were awesome. The Kids program was really well done.” ~ Lachlan Gustafson-Thomas, 2013 Guest

“The food was terrific-fresh, delicious, plenty of options and I felt very nourished…wonderfully led yoga classes with ample amounts of care and practical instruction.” ~ Eliot May, 2013

“Having the spotters assist in yoga classes was wonderful – I felt very cared for.” ~ Terry Hadford, 2013

“The meals were amazing and the staff were awesome! Kids’ program was really well done.” ~ Lachlan Gustafson – Thomas, 2013

“I loved the asana classes. The LOVE. The beautiful people full of joy and kindness”. ~ 2013 Guest

“So well organized and every year it seems you raise the bar another notch with details and flow in a relaxed and serene way. Thank you, thank you. We are blessed with all of your presence on this island. See you next year!” ~ 2012 Guest

“Fantastic! I can’t stop smiling!” ~ 2012 Guest

“I learned what satsang is and how wonderful it is to have a group of such wise and wonderful friends.” ~ 2012 Guest

“A nice balance between structure and freedom! A perfect mix!” ~ 2012 Guest

“My son asked me, ‘Are we coming back next year?’ How could I say no! ‘We’ll all be back next year!’” ~ 2012 Guest

July 28th-Aug 1st, 2016



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