Yoga Getaway FAQs

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Following are some frequently asked questions for Yoga Getaways.

What is included in a Yoga Getaway?
Yoga Getaway fees include accommodations (either in-house or camping), meals, access to the self-serve tea bar. The fees also include the classes and evening programs.

What time is check in & check out?
Check in is between 2 – 6 pm on Friday. The program finishes around noon on Sunday.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please read the Cancellation Policy under Yoga Getaways & Other Centre Programs

What type of classes are offered during the Yoga Getaway?
At each yoga asana class time there will be 2 classes offered for you to choose from: a Level 1 or Level 2 class; or a Restorative or a Mixed Levels class. Level 1: Slow moving, basic postures with an emphasis on alignment and breath while building concentration, strength and softness. Some flow as well as sustained postures with modifications to support individual needs. This class is also suitable for those with reduced mobility, anyone new to yoga and those wanting a gentler class. Emphasis and style of class will vary with each instructor. Level 2: For those who are comfortable in basic postures and want more of a challenge. Class includes some vinyasa flow as well as sustained postures including inversions and hand balances. Modifications are provided as well as more challenging options to support a range of capabilities. Emphasis and style will vary with each instructor, who will be open to posture suggestions. Restorative Yoga: A very nurturing, relaxing form of yoga. All poses are done in a reclining position, using soft supports such as bolsters, blankets, cushions to create the classical actions of the pose, reaping the benefits with minimal metabolic effort. A quieting and mindfulness practice that supports physical and mental rejuvenation and reduces stress.

What are the camping facilities like?
Camping is available From May to September. We offer unmarked tenting campsites in a quiet forest setting or in the sunny open meadows. All have access to hot outdoor showers and outhouses; however, there is no electrical hook‐ups. Campers are asked to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, pillows, linens and towels. Please note: there are no open fires, kerosene lamps or candles allowed on the land.

What are the rooms like?
The rooms are cozy with comfortable beds and linens. Private rooms have 1 twin bed; shared rooms have 2-3 twin beds, depending on the room. Rooms have nightstands, bedside lamps and dressers (alarm clocks are not provided). All rooms, except our one room with an ensuite, have shared washrooms.

Can I pay for shared accommodation even though I am coming on my own?
Yes! Shared accommodation rates are available for Yoga Getaways and other Programs to those booking with a friend or family member as well as those coming on their own. Shared accommodations have 2-3 twin beds per room.

Shared rooms are listed as having 2-3 beds and I'm coming with a friend. Can we get a room for just ourselves?
Rooms with only 2 beds book up quickly and early. Once these are booked, guests will be booked into rooms with 3 beds and will most likely share the room with another guest. Please contact us if you have any questions about availability.

What is provided at the Centre?
Yoga mats and props are provided (If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat we welcome you to do so).
In-house guests: all linens and towels are provided and there is shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the washrooms for your use.

What should I bring?
Please bring personal toiletries, comfortable clothing, a swimsuit for the sauna (when available due to weather conditions) and an alarm clock. We do not wear outdoor shoes inside, so feel free to bring slippers. A water bottle is also a good idea.
Campers are asked to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, pillows, linens and towels.

How do I get to the Centre?
We have posted directions on our Getting Here page.

How long will it take to get there?
From Vancouver allow four to five hours (door to door) by ferry and car or transit; 25 minutes airtime by floatplane plus ten minutes by car/taxi. From Victoria, allow a comfortable two hours door to door by ferry and car. We have posted more details on our Getting Here page.

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