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Karma Yoga Service

Former Karma Yogis talk about the program…

“The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is an amazing place, and I highly recommend it to everyone I talk to. I hope it keeps evolving with warmth and love at its core and having that radiate and ripple outwards in everything it does.” ~ Annie Richard, 2013

“The community and family created and maintained throughout the summer was the integral aspect of my SSCY experience. Being able to live, work, eat and play with 30+ people every day created a rich environment for growth and a safe place for me to process issues that arose.” ~ Uddhava, 2013

“The teachings of Babaji deepened my Karma Yoga experience. To perform one’s duty without attachment to the results or any sense of ego involvement, I was able to relax and enjoy each moment.” ~ Tana Dalman, 2013

“Through selfless service and constant practice, I re-discovered who I am and want to be. Out in the world you forget there is another way – a way filled with love, understanding, space and purity. The Centre will always hold a special place in my heart, I will remember it as the moment I came home again.” ~ Crystal DeShazo, 2013

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a positive experience! I am really looking forward to coming back and hopefully taking on some more responsibility in the future. Salt Spring Yoga Centre will always be a special place that will always be called my home. Much Love and Blessings.” ~ Tanner Graburn, 2013

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Karma Yoga Program

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