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Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

Here’s what former students have to say…

“I entered the program not knowing what to expect and not prepared for the inner changes and incredible growth I would leave with. I made new friends and bonded with so many of the participants as well as with the amazing staff and volunteers. The experience we had would not have been possible without the contributions of the outstanding volunteers, staff and administration of YTT.

  • I saw selfless contributions and tremendous knowledge from those who run the programs
  • I saw efficient, friendly and knowledgeable administrative staff always available to assist
  • I saw amazing (also selfless) kitchen staff who prepared the most delicious (you can’t get enough) outstanding meals on a daily basis
  • I saw individuals tending to and creating the most inviting picturesque gardens
  • I saw the cleaning/hand-fix it crew who worked to keep the entire place clean and running efficiently so we were made to feel like we were in a luxury five-star hotel

I left the centre with so much more than my yoga training certificate and new meditation practice and all I can say is “WOW”…..What an Experience!! I left the program knowing that I am a better person for sure and I am very excited to share my teachings and experiences with others. Thank you to everyone at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.”
– Jennifer Boyd

“I had wanted to complete my yoga teacher training for quite a few years and can say I was definitely led to this place, to complete it with the group of people I did. I was looking for a YTT that would allow me to be submersed into the teachings, where you would have a place to stay and not be distracted by home life and duties. I also wanted it to be a vacation from the busyness of life in a serene setting with daily practice. The setting, curriculum, teachers, instruction, facility, staff and food far exceeded my expectations; not only did I get what I was looking for, I left with more knowledge, love, inner peace and a thirst for even more. I really can’t say enough about how great the teachers were and the effort that clearly goes into this program. The Centre and this program will always be a special part of my life.”
– Natasha Samson

Sarah Russell

“I finished the YTT program at the SSCY feeling full of wisdom, strength and an eagerness to get out there and ‘teach to learn’. The teachers are some of the most helpful and generous people I have ever encountered and to call them qualified would be an understatement. By the end of the program I felt an incredible connection to the rest of my peers; we experienced so much together and watched each other learn and grow. There was a general sense of trust and respect between everyone in our class, and I have never before felt more love and peace within a large group of people. It was an experience that truly changed my life and I am thankful for it every day.”
– Sarah Crawford Russell, Vancouver, BC

Chris Dunphy

“I was surrounded by the most caring, knowledgeable and honest people I have ever been associated with, both teachers and students. Maybe everybody didn’t like hockey, and my stories about getting hit in the face with pucks drew cringes as opposed to high fives, but the acceptance and love I felt throughout my training I had never felt before in any of my previous life experiences. It was ok if the chanting just “wasn’t my thing” or if I couldn’t do gomukhasana without having a pained look on my face. Nope, I was in this with 35 other students, a dozen teachers and countless karma yogis – there is no ALONE at SSCY. My experience was profound and life changing and I think most of my fellow grads would say the same.”
– Chris Dunphy, Port Moody, BC

Tanya Garland

“I was drawn to the beautiful space and environment SSCY offers – an island paradise from which I could explore this wondrous practice of yoga. The instruction and support that I received during my time at the Centre was second to none. Having had a background only in asana meant that my learning curve was steep. A lot of material was covered, and I soon understood that Yoga is a life journey. I left the Centre inspired by my teachers and their devotion to the practice and to the founding teacher, Baba Hari Dass. I am more passionate about yoga and its benefits than ever before. I am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned…yoga body and yoga mind. I am endlessly grateful. Salt Spring Centre of Yoga will forever be with me.”
-Tanya Garland, Quesnel, BC

“The course exceeded my expectations. I could not have imagined experiencing such an organized, comprehensive and well-planned course.” ~ Josie Burgess, Edmonton, AB

“The course gave me the foundation to teach an asana class, it strengthened my asana practice and it finally let me understand why people meditate.” ~ Jason Yarrow

“The quality of teaching was exceptional. It surpassed my expectations. The knowledge and authoritative wisdom of the instructors is a real gift to the students. I will not forget any of them.” ~ Patti Metcalfe, Uxbridge, ON

The teachers were amazing. The whole experience was extremely inspiring. The heart, soul and time that were put into this course were unsurpassed.
~ Jami Wright, Sandpoint, Idaho

“Now that I have had a glimpse of the vast deep spiritual world of yoga I have had a glimpse of the commitment to delve deeper into my studies beyond the asana practice.” ~ Rowan Brooks, Cortes Island, BC

“The course content and structure was exceptional. We were nurtured all the way.” ~ Donna Weerstra, Calgary, AB

“I loved the teachers, the teachings, the food, the other students, the community atmosphere, etc. I really cannot express how grateful and fulfilled I feel from this experience. I can’t wait to come back!” ~ Lauren Redman, Vancouver, BC

Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

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