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Adrienne Cousins

Adrienne Cousins

Member at Large

Adrienne is a Bhakti Yogi who eventually found her way home through the teachings of Baba Hari Dass and the community of yogis at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. She attended her first yoga class in Victoria during her last year of university in 2003. After moving to Vancouver she experienced the transformative effects of a regular asana practice through the hip new trend called Bikram Yoga. By her mid 20’s she had become very involved in the personal growth movement, studied the works of many modern spiritual teachers and completed her training as a certified Reiki practitioner and Life Coach. She began attending ACYR in 2014 when her sister Amy moved to Salt Spring and has become progressively more engaged in the classical Ashtanga yoga lineage teachings and committed to the transformative powers of Regular Sadhana. As a community member Adrienne enjoys singing Kirtan, studying the Sutras, helping out at ACYR and attending Satsang. She met Babaji by accident while attending a retreat at Mount Madonna in 2010, and was delighted to return there last year for the New Years retreat.

Adrienne is a life-long Karma Yogi having served in many volunteer leadership roles since high school. Notably, she served on the Public Advisory Committee for Environment Canada’s EcoAction public grant program, as a Big Sister, and as a Board Member for the Campbell River Women’s Resource Centre. She is honoured to now serve this diverse global community of yogis as a member of the DS Board since September 2020. She currently resides in Victoria.