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Gillian Motyer

Gillian Motyer

Yoga Instructor

Since 1972 the practice of Yoga, in some way, shape or form, has been an integral part of Gillian’s life and her personal yoga practice has been influenced by many teachers and styles. After exploring Pilates and Feldenkrais methods Gillian began Yoga Therapy Practitioner training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, certifying in October, 2008, completing the Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher Training in December 2008 and Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Mentoring in 2012. As a Yoga Teacher / Yoga Therapist, Gillian has been practicing and teaching since 2005.

Gillian’s personal practice and training in the mind body modalities of Yoga, Meditation, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy have supported her on her journey toward wellness, personal growth and conscious living. Her desire is to share what she has discovered with others. Learn more about Gillian at

“My intention is to meet you where you are. Just as you are.”