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Kris Cox

Kris Cox

Kris first came to live and work at the Centre in 2013 & 2014, working in various aspects within the office, under great mentorship. This is when she also met a karma-yogi-turned-husband, Mathew. In February of 2020, they both returned to live and work at the Centre, after Kris accepted the position of Centre Manager. Kris was instrumental in guiding the Centre through the unexpected turns of the pandemic and into 2021.

Kris’ background includes a combination of education and experience in business administration, office management, project management, interior design and hospitality. This background, combined with her years of experience living and working at the Centre, gives her a deep understanding of the Centre’s uniqueness, as well as unparalleled insight into on-the-ground operations. In addition, Kris has the ability to step back and envision the big picture, as well as enjoying getting into the day-to-day details of how this vision can be made possible.

Though it was her husband who said it, Kris feels it couldn’t have been said better: Places like the Centre are the most important places in the world, especially right now. Because until people find peace within themselves, there will be no peace in the world. It’s because of this that she is fueled to serve the Centre in all the ways she can.