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Lyndsay Savage - Yoga Instructor

Lyndsay Chandra Prabha Savage

RYT 500; VYI 800

Lyndsay has had a passion for yoga from early childhood to present and “teaches to learn”. She brings that passion and enthusiasm into her classes, where she explores different ways to connect inside to make the body light and the mind quiet. Her teaching style is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s concepts of tensegrity structures and how we can use the body as a Tensegrity system to move and connect with least effort. Her intention is to help each student build a yogic understanding of their body/mind/spirit, enabling them to learn to be their own teacher. Lyndsay’s extensive training includes SSCY YTT 200, Traditional Yoga Apprenticeship 500 hr with Cathy Valentine, Vignana Yoga International 800 hr and Yoga Synergy 250 hr.