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Peter Bodnarchuk

Peter Bodnarchuk (he/him)


Peter is grateful to be an active “seeker” and has studied various yoga and meditation practices in India, Canada and the USA. He and his wife Alarra had met Baba-ji over 35 years ago and had the great fortune to sit at his feet, absorb his wise succinct teachings, and experience the joy of hard work and “playfulness” in life. The community has always embraced us.

He has had a 40-year global career in the Visual Fine Arts and Technology sectors, with a mission to explore “the nexus of Art & Technology” as core intention around the Corporate entity he formed to facilitate representation of significant artists and their creations worldwide.

Utilizing visual arts in all mediums, he has supported a multitude of significant Social Causes worldwide including but not limited to: Doctors Without Borders; The British and American Red Cross; St Judes and The Great Ormond Children’s Hospital.