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The Farm Stand Is Open!

The farm season is in full swing! With the warming and lengthening days, our challenge now is to find balance between maintaining our spring crops, planting our summer crops and dreaming about the crops for the fall.

Our farm team is fully assembled! Working in our core farm team are: Jack, Emily, Farrah, and David, and we’re joined four days a week by Karma Yogis from Housekeeping and the Kitchen.

Melons are in the greenhouse, dry beans galore are in the field, and we wait patiently (and a little anxiously) as the carrots and beets start to peek out of the soil. We’ve been harvesting salad mix from three of our greenhouses now for a couple of weeks. Seeing the vibrant greens, purples and reds in different shapes and textures is a rewarding sight in the early morning light of harvest day.

As we enter the month of May, we prepare to go to the Saturday Farmer’s Market! Drop by and say hello this Saturday, May 12th!

Lastly, if you haven’t heard, our farm stand is open! Thus far it’s been stocked full of salad, mustard greens, spinach, arugula and radishes. The stand will change with the season, so if you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with what is available, you can sign-up to our farm news here or check out the farm stand page here. Each week, you’ll get the first word on what you can expect at the stand, as well as occasional recipes and cooking ideas.