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YTT Reflections: Linda Rogers

YTT Graduate, Linda Rogers
YTT Graduate, Linda Rogers

Where do you live? What do you do in your life apart from yoga?

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and I am an Office Manager of two dental offices.

What motivated you to begin practicing yoga? How did yoga come to be part of your life?

I started practicing yoga several years ago to find a way to incorporate different workouts into my routine. I used to run a lot and started to crave a different pace for my mind and body. A very good friend of mine introduced me to yoga – which at the time, I believed was stretching for flexible people. I was immediately hooked and looking for ways to go deeper into my practice.

What attracted you to the SSCY YTT program?

I wasn’t looking for a YTT program! I was looking for a “yoga retreat” that would bring me to a beautiful, tranquil west coast destination! Something relaxing, an opportunity to recharge, in hindsight, something fluffy. I called the centre and had the joy of talking to Daniel and after a lengthy conversation, he really listened to who I was and peeled away the layers of the onion that were hiding what I was really looking for, what my goals were for my practice and how I wanted to find a way of life that was more fulfilling and wholehearted. Once I spoke to him, even though I didn’t believe I would ever teach yoga, I knew the YTT Program was for me!

What aspect of yoga has had the most transformative effect on your life?

Since YTT, the aspects of yoga that have had the most positive effect on my life have not had a lot to do with asana! The spiritual side of yoga has transformed many aspects of my life. Regular Sadhana has become a daily practice that brings yoga into more and more of my daily tasks and changes the way I interact with the world. Going to YTT, I never considered teaching yoga. Now, I enjoy sharing what I have learned, and encourage others to begin their own personal journey towards a more peaceful and engaged life. YTT was my own personal “springboard” which has launched me back into the joy of learning about things I love!

Please share some memorable moments – or a favourite moment – from YTT.

There are SO many! Just reading the question brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy and tears of transformation…

The day we arrived at YTT, we played a game to get to know each other and my competitive nature got the best of me and I ended up injuring my hamstring. It was devastating! Here I was at a YTT program hobbling along with an inflamed hamstring that, at times, did not support my weight, made sitting excruciating, and frankly, brought up all my insecurities about being at YTT. I wasn’t young enough, thin enough or strong enough to be there. Who did I think I was?

Chetna took me out to the back porch and sat with me while I wallowed in my own self-judgement. It was on the steps that I discovered why I was really there. I will be eternally grateful for the lesson I learned that day and every day at YTT after that. Self-compassion, love, encouragement and finding meaning in all that happens in life – the good, the bad and the ugly. At YTT, it was the beginning of my journey of acknowledging that “I am enough” – just the way I am. My personal journey continued with the support of the many friendships that I formed on Salt Spring Island. Words cannot express how connected I feel to my teachers and fellow students.

What can students expect from the yoga teacher training at the Centre?

Students can expect a solid foundation for teaching yoga and a personal journey that is transforming. Salt Spring YTT fosters an environment that instills confidence in one’s ability to teach and encourages everyone to open their heart to continued learning.

Any favourite quotes?

There are SO many! And I make a point of reading many of them on a daily basis!

“Contentment, compassion, and tolerance are the pillars of peace.” Babaji

“There is an unspoken language. It comes from the silence and can’t be heard by the ears, only by the heart.” Babaji

My heart still skips a beat when I sing “The Food Prayer” too. Yum Yum!!


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