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Dr. Janice Hamsa Wright

Dr. Janice Hamsa Wright

MD; YTT 200

Janice graduated from McGill University in 1991 with a BSc in Anatomy and an MSc in Biology. She received her MD from McMaster University in 1996 and has been practicing holistically as an MD in Vancouver since 1998. In 2001 Janice received acupuncture training through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute; she has also completed extensive training in palliative care. Janice’s interest in holistic medicine and natural healing is longstanding. She believes in integrative medicine – using both conventional medicine and complementary modalities to support and encourage the body’s innate capacity towards wholeness. To this end, Janice practices at InspireHealth, Canada’s only Integrated Cancer Care Centre. Patients are offered yoga, meditation and other inspirational classes. Janice became certified as a yoga instructor in the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga YTT program in 2003 and practices asana, pranayama and meditation regularly.